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Big data: the same but different

Everybody’s talking big data. Your journey into the world of big data is driven by the promise of new insight – of new and actionable intelligence revealed.

For Atos, big data is ‘the same but different’. In many ways, it’s a straight continuation of what we have been doing for years: helping our clients maximize the operational and business advantage gained from their digital assets.

But it’s different too. The scale of the data explosion, the growing emphasis on deriving value from unstructured data, and the massive increases in connectivity in the internet of things, all help to form a new data landscape.

And in this new landscape, those who are best able to generate differentiating intelligence – often in real-time – will be the ones who achieve and sustain success.

Bring the best business technologist skills together

Many of our established skills as business technologists come together in new big data initiatives: Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Enterprise Content Management and Decision Support Systems are all essential competences.

Things are changing, however, and what were previously discrete or siloed systems now become part of a more interconnected whole. More than ever before, deep knowledge of the different cultures and practices of different sectors creates the added-value.

Make the road by walking

Many clients of Atos are already beginning to reveal new insight through innovative Information Management and Analytics: traffic moves more freely in busy cities; production and commercial data combine for more agile manufacturing; transparency of usage in electricity consumption helps utility companies minimize environmental impact.

With Bull, atos technologies, Atos can propose you the best of the art technologies to cover the whole value chain of Big Data, from services to technologies.

Feel free to visit our dedicated website :

We are exploring new scenarios with clients in every sector.

Together, we learn by doing. We make the road by walking. Join us.



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