Transform your IT infrastructure with Atos Project Services

Better, Faster, Anywhere, Anytime… If you recognize this mantra, you know about the increased pressure on your resources and systems.  Scalability, agility, availability, reliability, and zero downtime are the backbone for increasingly consumerized and mobile organizations.  As pressure and demands continue to grow beyond current service capabilities, it’s a constant balancing act to enable future business oriented services within existing IT environments. 


What to do if the current IT environment does not support the latest technologies? Are you ready for the new generation workforce, who brings their own devices to the office? How do you keep business information secure as we grow our mobile workforce? Is your IT infrastructure prepared? Juggling all these aspects are a challenge that we can help master.

Trusted Advisors in Business Technology


Our experts of Atos Technology Transformation Services can help you transform your IT to meet future needs of employees and customers now.


We have a global network of experts in infrastructure, data center, and cloud transformation projects with proven industry best practices and innovations in new technologies. Count on us for: 


  • Solutions customized to fit your IT and business
  • Best of breed technology for the best computing experience
  • Technology innovations that deliver your desired Future Mode of Operation (FMO)
  • Industry and Atos proven best practices, tools, and techniques driving consistency in solutions
  • “Time-to-Value” based on automated methods and Atos streamlined transformation tasks for the best possible end result
  • Transparency, governance, and control as a basis for success
  • Global expertise and local delivery capabilities

Better Business Results


Start reaping the benefits of an IT infrastructure that is well-suited to your organization today. Drive value and increase business scalability, availability, and agility with us. 


Atos core Technology Transformation Services drive business results through technology innovation for end-to-end transformation:


  • Data Center Transformation with core competencies in Software-Defined Data Center, Cloud Computing Transformation, traditional Data Center consolidation and moves, Infrastructure Virtualization, and new innovations for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) for sustainable IT
  • Application Platforming for improved workloads across high-performance infrastructures, Application Resource Islands using application virtualization and hardening for protected application environments, hybrid-cloud platforms, and Application Platforming for PaaS
  • Service Integration to automate and broker the services from the service catalog to the infrastructure to the application platform
  • Workplace Migration and transformation for desktop operating systems, virtual desktops and applications, messaging, communication, and collaboration for today’s business computing.

Better, Faster, Anytime, Anywhere: count on Atos to make it happen.  You can have the confidence we can achieve  business oriented results through technology innovation and a systemic approach to Governance, Transparency, & Control.

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